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Part time job on campus – GCU Travel Advisors 2017-2018


GCU’s Sustainability Officer is recruiting Travel Advisors for the 2017-2018 academic year and invites interested students to submit their applications.


GCU’s Travel Advisors are part of the GCU_SmartTravel initiative to encourage students and staff to adopt more sustainable, active modes of traveling to GCU. GCU is focusing on travel because travel in general, but student and staff commuting in particular, are a significant source of emissions (carbon footprint reports: which the University has committed to reducing (Env. Policy available from:

GCU_SmartTravel advisors will work primarily at events/stalls and are expected to proactively engage passing students/staff and encourage them to think about how they travel to GCU and consider more sustainable, cheaper travel options.

Travel Advisors generally work in teams of 2 or 3 over around 10 engagement sessions, the majority of which will be around freshers’ week (18-21 Sept 2017), although some will also be held before and after. However, the bulk of the work available will be at the start of the new academic year because we believe that the best time to get people to adopt particular behaviour changes is when they make key changes in their lives, e.g. when they move homes or start a new job.

4 hour shifts.

The number of shifts a Travel Advisors can work will depend on their availability and the total number of Travel Advisors.

Full job details and application are available on

Search the ‘part time/casual’ category or search for job reference: GCU170505/1.

We are currently advertising a few more part time jobs on campus so be sure to check those out too!

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