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New Online Booking System for the Careers Service!


We are pleased to announce that our NEW online appointment system is now up and running! If you would like to meet with a careers adviser for either a Careers Clinic, Careers Appointment or Practice Interview, please use our NEW ONLINE SYSTEM which came into operation last week. It’s fast and easy to make an appointment – and you can book online at anytime.

Careers Clinic (15 minutes)
Ideal for discussing quick or initial career related enquiries for one of the following:

• CV
• Covering letter
• Application and personal statement
• Job search (including graduate, placements, internships, and part-time jobs)
• Recruitment (including interviews, assessment centres and tests)
• Postgraduate study options applications

Careers Appointment (up to 45 minutes)
For in-depth matters such as making an informed career decision, developing a job search strategy, discussing the implications of different options, or selecting appropriate employers to target. This could also cover:

• Career options with my degree
• Placement and graduate job search
• Further study
• Course withdrawal/change
• Work and study abroad

Practice Interview (up to 45 minutes)
Designed to give you the chance to practice your interview skills and receive feedback to help you to prepare for the real thing.

Book online by visiting the Careers Service website.

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