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EQUATE Scotland: Dare To Be Fair


Please find below event information from EQUATE Scotland:

Equate Scotland and Audacious Women invite you to a free evening debate and discussion to explore and challenge the role of women in the workplace and public life, and examine how positive action can make a difference.

The law makes women equal in the workplace and public life – but do the figures tell a different story? Employers recruit on the basis of objective criteria – but is the meritocracy a myth?

The Scottish cabinet is now 50% women, but we are still a long way from equality in other public roles. Women count for less than 25% of non-executive board members even though they make up nearly 50% of the workforce; occupational segregation means that less than 2% of apprentices in construction and engineering are women; and the gender pay gap means women’s overall earnings are about 13% less than men.

Do we need to take more radical steps to gain equality? Dare we insist on positive action to ensure women have fair access to the workplace and public life?

To explore the answers to these questions register for “Dare to be Fair” at

If you have any questions about the event please contact Geraldine Wooley

For more events in the Audacious Women Festival see

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