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British Council Language Assistants Programme


Are you looking to spend a year abroad? Don’t miss out on your chance to apply for the British Council English Language Assistants programme.

What’s it all about?

There is no better way to get a real feel for another country than by living and working in it.

As a language assistant, you will be supporting the teaching of English overseas. Help students to improve their English by coming up with fun and interactive ways to introduce them to UK contemporary culture, including planning classroom activities and producing learning resources.

What’s in it for me?

Experience another culture, develop transferable skills to prepare you for the future, and even get paid.

Although you don’t have to be a fluent language speaker to apply, there is no better way to improve and practice your language skills than by living amongst native speakers and using them in real settings. Perhaps you could even learn a new language altogether.

With only 12 to 20 teaching hours per week, there will also be plenty of time left for you to explore, travel or try your hand at something new.

Where can I go?

From the vibrant countries of Latin America, to the cosmopolitan cities of Spain, to the bright lights of China – there’s somewhere for everyone. You could go to France, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Chile, Austria and Switzerland. Take a further look at our exciting list of destinations.

So, what next?

Find out more and apply now.

Applications close on 17 January 2016, with the exception of China and Spain where the deadline is 21 February 2016.

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