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Foreign Policy Summer School Conference 2016


The application deadline for students at the early-bird rate for the Foreign Policy Summer School Conference 2016 in London is closing soon.

The Conference Agenda for the 2016 Foreign Policy Summer School Conference 2016 includes:

The Crisis in East-West Relations, War with Russia? And NATO Security, The Islamic State, Iran and the security of Middle East Oil, Western Defense Realities and Futures, Next Generation Weapons Technologies, A Chinese World Order? The Secret Space Race, The Next Thermonuclear War, and Can We Have a Philosophy for the West?

The 2015 Foreign Policy Summer School Conference, saw many students and young professionals from around the world come to London for one intensive week of analysis and debate at a private members’ club in St. James’s where selected delegates had the opportunity to analyse the most pressing security issues facing western policymakers today, while gaining essential employable skills for careers in foreign policy.

The Foreign Policy Summer School Conference 2016 will convene again for four days in June 2016 starting on: Monday 20th June 2016.

Applications to participate are being reviewed now on a first come first serve basis. There are no restrictions on disciplines to apply.

Further information, including how to apply is at the website:

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