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IAESTE UK – Deadline 26th of November


The British Council’s IAESTE programme provides cutting edge work experience for students in over 80 countries worldwide – paid international placements for STEM, economy and finance undergraduate students. Applications for 2015 are now open and the deadline is 26 November 2015.

The eligibility conditions are:

  • UK and EEA nationals or non-EU citizens with British citizenship;
  • Undergraduates from Year 2 and above, including last year of study;
  • Bachelor degree and/ or integrated Masters (plus Bachelors).

NB: The programme is not for Year 1 of study, nor for independent Masters Degree (1 or 2 year programme) and above. For PhD students the British Council has many other Science and Research funding opportunities

The placements can be in any of the 92 IAESTE countries.

The length of the placement can be between 6 to 52 weeks.

You will be paid the minimum wage in the country of your placement. Please make sure you secure the money for travel. Most universities have funds set aside to contribute towards your travel costs. Please make sure you check whether your university can help.

The application process is online and is now open! Apply here!


You will be required to submit the following documents with your application:

  1. CV
  2. University Transcript
  3. University Certificate/ Letter of Enrolment

You will also be asked to provide the name and email address for your course tutor/ or recent tutor if you just joined your university from College. They will automatically receive an email to submit a Reference for you.

Please make sure you prepare these documents in advance!

The most important section in your application is the (up to) 500-word Personal Statement.

What are the British Council looking for in a 500-word statement?

  • Motivation and enthusiasm for international work experience
  • Range of personal/professional activities, interests, skills and experience
  • Understanding of benefits of placement for both yourself and potential employer
  • Adaptability including intercultural awareness and independence

A good statement will show why you want this placement; e.g. to acquire international experience to boost your employability skills, to learn/ practice a language, to learn different techniques in your field, to help you decide in what you want to specialise; acquire practical skills relevant to your field, get used with the working environment requirements, to challenge yourself etc.

A good statement will also show how you can contribute/ what do you bring to your potential Employer’s team; e.g. enthusiasm, curiosity, eager to learn, share your culture and techniques you learnt at your University. Some good tips you can find on our IAESTE section of the website dedicated to our IAESTE Employers.

The online application process is very straight forward and, if you prepare your Statement offline prior to commencing the survey, it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

Last but not least, please think of this placement as of a fantastic opportunity to get paid to travel, have fun, meet new people, make new friends, make good business connections and get priceless skills for life, those skills that will shape your personality making you every Employer’s dream employee. This is indeed the biggest gain of such experience.

You can also find out more about the Programme from our IAESTE Local Committee (LC) in Edinburgh and/ or Glasgow. The Local Committees are former and aspiring IAESTE student volunteers. They are an extremely valuable resource for help with your application and offer the opportunity to get involved with IAESTE in other respects such as visiting other countries, attending conferences, enhancing employability, offering training and development and helping visiting trainees. Please ‘like’ them on Facebook and get in touch ;

If still in doubt whether such placement would be useful for you or not, perhaps the findings of the EU study on the impact of mobility on employment might help you decide.

Best of luck to you all and, remember, the first rule to get something is to… ask for it!

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