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China & South East Asia Virtual Career Fair 2014


This year’s China & South East Asia Virtual Fair will take place over 5 days on the 20th – 24th October 2014.
Who is this event for?

All students from China and South East Asia who are studying at any university in Scotland.
You are invited to sign up now on the website and you will be notified when the event is live.

Studying in Scotland offers a great range of skills to students from China and South East Asia. Employers value the ability to problem solve and come up with innovative ideas. They know that students studying abroad have to develop proficiency in working on projects and in teams. Communication skills and fluency in English are also highly valued.

What’s Available
Virtual Fairs take place on a web-based platform:
  • Access information on employers and their job opportunities
  • Get information on employers who specifically target internationally educated students
  • Submit online applications for opportunities in on the platform
  • Participate in live information sessions with employers each day
The system is designed to highlight graduate and internship opportunities with companies who look to hire internationally educated students. The system does not cover interviews – it is there to provide company information and vacancy details.

There is no opportunity to offer careers guidance or CV checking as part of the fair. Please visit you own Careers Service to access these services – using the fair is free for all!

Visit the website today and pre-register for the event.

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