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BAE Systems: Summer Internships for 2014 still available


Scheme Overview

What better way to put theory into practice? A summer internship at BAE Systems will give you a 12-week (30 June 2014 – 19 September 2014) insight into working life in one of our UK businesses and further develop your skills. These internships are delivered in partnership with Semta (the Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies), whereby Semta will employ you and BAE Systems will provide you on-the-job training within a structured framework. We only offer internships when there is real work to be completed, so to see what summer opportunities might be available, and the associated benefits, read on.

Your Learning and Development

We recognise that your development is key for you to fulfil your potential in the world of work, that is why all our Summer Internships offer you the chance to develop new skills and gain valuable industry experience. Put theory into practice, learn from from colleagues who are experts in their field, and gain insights that can only come from real world experience.


  • Starting salary of £16,800 (pro-rata)
  • 6.5 days holiday (for the 12 week internship)
  • Individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance on the internship will not have to complete all the stages of the recruitment process should they wish to join us.

Opportunities Available (starting 30 June 2014)

What You’ll Need

To join our Summer Internship scheme you must be available for the 12 weeks  (though are entitled to 6.5 days of leave) and on course to achieve at least a 2:1 Bachelors degree. This can be in any subject for our business or finance opportunities and must be in an engineering, numerical or scientific subject for our engineering placements. For our finance internships, you also need 280 UCAS points. Although the academic requirements are important, we also want you to see opportunity where others see problems and think around challenges that others can’t navigate. You’ll use the resources at your fingertips and the skills you’ll develop to collaborate with your team and find solutions to real life problems.

We place great importance not just on what we do, but how we do it. As a result, we encourage our employees to share their time and expertise to support local communities. At the end of each day, you can walk away knowing that what you do makes a difference.

Application Process

  • Online application form
  • Hiring manager review
  • Face-to-face interview

Finally, as a defence contractor there are security obligations placed on the Company meaning that all our applicants must be able to successfully achieve the relevant level of security clearance to join us.

Hints & Tips

When you prepare your application, think carefully about the role you are interested in and your skills. Use plain English and stick to the word limit. Also make sure to give full details of your degree modules, relevant final year projects and work experience. Hiring managers will want to see what you’ve done and how this fulfils what they are looking for.

For more information on hints and tips to help you prior to submitting your application, please refer to our Apply Now page, where you will find further details.

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