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The Saltire Foundation Internship Programme: top class work experience available around the world in 2013


Where: The Careers Centre, M015 George Moore Building

When: Thursday 8th November 2013

Time:1st session 12 noon – 1pm; 2nd session 1pm – 2pm (when reserving your place you must state which session you are wanting to attend. Details on how to reserve your place are at the bottom of the page).

Who/ are the Saltire Foundation?

The Saltire Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation investing in Scotland’s human potential to find, fuel and spark the next generation of Scottish business leaders.

Who/ are Saltire Scholars?

Saltire Scholars are selected because they have the potential to be part of the next generation of business leaders in Scotland. Saltire Scholars are a diverse group of ambitious, passionate, independent, globally-minded, energetic and enthusiastic individuals from a wide variety of academic backgrounds who share a passion for building a brighter Scottish economy.

In 2012 there were 92 Saltire Scholars representing 13 Scottish universities interning across 5 continents within a variety of sectors. The 2012 Scholar cohort included a professional model, world class piper, student newspaper editor, champion boxer and several student entrepreneurs.

What/ is a Saltire internship?

Saltire Scholars complete a challenging, funded eight week internship with exciting global and entrepreneurial companies in the summer prior to their final of year of study. Scholars work on projects valued by their host companies and experience the working environments of some of the world’s most successful business. Scholars also gain exposure to senior business networks during and beyond their placements.

Last year’s cohort worked in companies such as Barclays Wealth, the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA, GE, Liberty Mutual, The Edrington Group, Moorbrook Textiles, Aggreko, Wood Group and the ChicagoScots.

In 2012 we had 70 international internships and 22 internships in Scotland.

“My internship has provided me with clarity for the first time in what I want to achieve in my career as well as developing the confidence to pursue it” Eilidh MacKay, 2012 Scholar, Stirling University

Why/ should I become a 2013 Scholar?

The Scholar programme enables you to realise your potential through:

  • Challenging work experience – increasing your skill set and knowledge of the commercial world.
  • Global perspective – over 70% of our placements are overseas and those in Scotland are with globally minded and entrepreneurial companies.
  • Superb networking opportunities – with senior executives during your internship and as a member of the Alumni community.
  • Greater independence and leadership development – working in a commercial environment and often living away from home.
  • Increased ambition and confidence – fuelled by your Saltire experience, network and peers.
  • Getting involved – leadership extends into your local community and Saltire Scholars are typically active within their communities at home and on placement.

“Having the opportunity to be independent and focus on my own development has been one of the best parts of this whole experience” Pamela Forbes, 2012 Scholar, University of St. Andrews

When/ do I apply to become a 2013 Scholar?

You can apply to be a Scholar when in your penultimate year of undergraduate study at a Scottish university – third year of a four year undergraduate degree or fourth year of a five year undergraduate degree. In partnership with your careers service, the Saltire Foundation supports candidates through our four stage application process:

1. Online application

2. Speed interview

3. Project selection

4. Host company interviews

2012/2013 Key Dates1 October 2012 Draft application available online 
October 2012  University recruitment events 
1 November 2012  Applications live 
22 November 2012  Applications close 
29 November 2012  Applicants notified of outcome 
3/4/5 December 2012  Speed Interviews (Dundee) 
January – March 2013  Project selection & host company interviews 
1 May 2013  Scholars Confirmed 
1 June 2013  Leadership Development Day 
10 June – 2 August 2013  Internships 

Where/ do I apply?

“Applying for the foundation will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!” Cameron Matthews, 2012 Scholar, University of Strathclyde

Applications should be made online:


E:  When reserving your place remember to state which session you are booking for : 12-1pm or 1-2pm.

Connect with us for up-to-date information:



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