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Commonwealth Internships Initiative: individual projects available with Glasgow City Council


Commonwealth Internships Initiative:

Glasgow City Council has developed a range of paid internships for 3rd year students living in Glasgow. The summer opportunities are designed to provide candidates with a high level of work experience while at the same time contributing to a series of innovative tasks and projects. The internships are within various departments of Glasgow City Council, details of each opportunity are given below: 

Democratic Services

Public Relations & Marketing

City Building

Access Supply Chain (1) 

Access Supply Chain (2)

Customer Business Services

Development & Regeneration Services


Strathclyde Pension Fund

Community Safety Services

Riverside Museum

Glasgow Regeneration Agency

Land & Environmental Services


Assessors & Electroral Registraion Office

Chief Executive’s Office

Access LLP

Organisational Development

Social Work

Corporate Finance


In order to apply for these positions, students must meet the following criteria: 

  • Resident in Glasgow either as a term time student (and intending to stay over the summer period)
  • A Glasgow resident studying away from home but returning to the family home for the summer
  • All applicants must provided evidence of Glasgow residence ( i.e. Utility bill, be on the voters role etc…)
  • Be available continuously from 11th June – 31st August 2012
  • Meet the educational requirements of the post: 3rd year undergraduate

 Application procedure:

You can apply by post or via email by using the Glasgow City Council Application Form. If you are making applications for more than one position, please use a separate application form for each job. Email applications should be sent to: . Whatever method you chose to apply, you should also attach proof of Glasgow residence for your application to be considered e.g. driving licence, bank statement, mobile phone bill etc.

The address for postal applications is:

Liz Logan

Partnership & Communications Manager

Glasgow Works

4th Floor Exchange

229 George Street

Glasgow G1 1QU

Closing date for all applications is 9th March 2012

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  1. Sean permalink
    03/03/2012 3:43 pm

    Is it people who live in Glasgow City Council area only or can people in outer-lying regions apply i.e. East Dumbartionshire?

    • 05/03/2012 10:53 am

      Hello Sean,

      The criteria listed within the post indicates that the student must live within the confines of Glasgow City Council, but if you need further clarification for your own personal circumstances please send an enquiry email to:

      Best wishes,

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