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Third Sector Internships Scotland – looking for paid work experience in the voluntary sector?


Third Sector Internships Scotland helps students to find paid work experience in the Third Sector.  Through the TSIS programme, students are offered outstanding opportunities to develop their skills and experience whilst contributing to the vital work of Scotland’s third sector.  We also offer support and guidance to voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises to help them develop and host quality internships that really do make a difference.

The TSIS programme covers five core areas of activity:

• Internship development
• Recognising achievement and promoting reflective practice
• Employer engagement and support
• Developing resources and relationships for sustainability
• Learning, evaluation and dissemination

Internships are offered through a competitive recruitment and selection process.  All posts are advertised on their website and positions are open to all levels of undergraduate and post-graduate students.  Internships vary in terms of their focus, duration and location.  Internships can be up to the equivalent of 10 weeks’ full-time work (350 hrs) and can be offered on both a full-time and part-time basis.  All TSIS internships are paid at the Living Wage rate.

Case studies and details of past internships can be found here and current opportunities here.

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