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TalentScotland Graduate Placement Programme


TalentScotland Homepage

The TalentScotland graduate placement programme offers graduates a fantastic opportunity to work on a short-term project with an established business or social enterprise. Organisations of all sizes participate and you receive a minimum salary of £14,000 (pro rata) whilst on your placement (a supplement of £1,500 will be included to placements based in the Highlands and Islands), and projects last from three months to one year.

What would I be doing?

Projects can cross a range of disciplines including:

  • New product design and development or product adaption for overseas markets
  • New process development and implementation
  • Strategic marketing, target marketing and market research
  • Targeting new international markets
  • Exporting and increased international participation
  • More effective use of ICT and e-business to improve business performance
  • Improved environmental management to achieve business benefits
  • Developing effective human resource policies

For placements of more than three months, you will also receive a minimum of two days off-site training, specifically designed to develop additional innovation and business skills.

Who can apply?

The programme is open to all graduates who

  • Have graduated at degree or postgraduate level from a higher education institution within the past two years — international graduates from non EU countries must have graduated from a Scottish higher education institution within the past two years
  • Have up-to-date visa documentation if required — international graduates only
  • Have good English language skills appropriate to a business environment
  • Have no more than one year’s relevant (graduate level) work experience

Visit their placement page to view and apply for graduate placement opportunities

To find out more about TalentScotland visit their website

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