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Event – Opening the Doors to a Global Career


Date: Tuesday 5 April, 2011  Time: 10.00am-1.00pm  Venue: M015 (George Moore Building)

Brought to you by ISSS and in collaboration with Positive Living, Careers Service and Organisational Development.

Employability is about more than getting a job. Your skills, attributes and knowledge all contribute to employability. The Professional Global Passport is a mini portfolio for our international students to recognise the value of their attributes and skills and enabling them to promote them to prospective employers through the Professional Global Passport. Upon attending employability related events and workshops you will be able to record these using the ‘Professional Global Passport’.

First Session: Opening the Doors to a Global Career (this session will cover three specific areas)

Area 1 – Opening the Doors to a Global Career

This session will help you to:

  • Understand different cultural perspectives
  • Promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others
  • Discuss equality and diversity issues with more confidence
  • Understand the benefits of working abroad

Area 2 – Interviewing Confidently – ‘How to give a dynamic interview when you are feeling really stressed’

This session will help you to prepare for interviews by:

  • Recognising signs of stress
  • Providing Practical hints and tips in managing stress
  • Discussing available Positive Living resources

Area 3 – Interview Techniques: This session will help you prepare confidently for interviews by identifying and discussing:

  • typical interview questions
  • active listening skills
  • competency based interview skills
  • practical hints and tips
  • support offered by GCU Careers Service

This is an opportunity not to be missed and places are limited. To secure your place, please visit the following link:

Lunch will be provided.

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