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The Workplace Experience Programme for International Students


The Workplace Experience Programme for International Students is a project delivered by the association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services in Scotland (AGCAS Scotland). Funded by the Scottish Government, the programme aims to develop a range of opportunities enabling international students to engage with the workplace in Scotland.

What types of workplace experience activities are available through the programme? There are a range of possible interactions with business through the Workplace Experience Programme:

  • Work shadowing – Work shadowing is usually a short-term activity – a few days at most – where you shadow a member of staff, observing their day to day work activities. This will give you an understanding of what the role involves
  • Mentoring – Mentoring provides an opportunity to meet with someone working in the industry you want to get into through a series of agreed contacts including meetings, telephone conversations and email over an extended period of time
  • Visit – as part of a group visiting an organisation you can learn more about that particular
  • Work placement – work experience for an agreed period of time where you will have a particular project or set of tasks to work on within a business company and sector
  • Case Studies – you may be able to work on a specific project or work with other students on case studies scenarios based on real industry problems

Why take part in the Workplace Experience Programme?

  • You will gain experience of the workplace in Scotland
  • You will have the opportunity to develop the skills you will need in your career
  • You can expand your knowledge of your chosen industry
  • You can develop networks which can help you in future

How can I find out about these opportunities?

Information about opportunities through the Workplace Experience Programme will be available from the web pages on the AGCAS Scotland website at You will also be able to access this information from your university careers service.

Who can take part?

All international students (including students from European countries) currently studying at a Scottish university are eligible to apply for this programme. For many of the opportunities there will be an application procedure so please remember to apply in good time as late applications cannot be considered. If you would like advice about making applications please contact your university careers service.


Main Office: Elaine E Wilson Workplace Experience Administrator

Email: Tel: 0141 330 8785

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