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Paid Workplace Programme in Europe


Placementmaker Ltd is a small UK firm which manages EU programmes providing an excellent range of paid work placement opportunities to students, graduates and young professionals across Europe. The World of Skills programme is specifically tailored to meet the needs of graduates who wish to use language and vocational skills productively across the continent.  Through the programme and nurtured relationships with universities, local, national and international businesses, Placementmaker Ltd has developed two migratory work placement streams – “UK to EU” and “EU to UK”.

The UK to EU work placement opportunities typically last for 4-6 months.  Participants receive a tax-free monthly allowance, paid through the programme, as a stimulus to those newly arrived to the labour market to travel and use or develop their linguistic/vocational skills.  Successful programme applicants receive €900 – €1200 per month, depending on destination within Europe, in support of their living costs.

Additionally, all graduates and young professionals who have secured their own work placements outside the UK, but within Europe and not in their country of origin, and who are seeking funding, are welcome to make contact with the World of Skills team in order to explore the possibility of financial support. The programme also offers pre-placement training to all those who qualify for assistance and this ranges from linguistic tutorials to others which provide practical information about placement destinations so that those benefiting from the programme hit the ground running.

Applications are taken continuously until all of the funds for 2010-12 are committed. To take part you must have graduated at the time of placement and if a non-EU citizen you will also be required to provide proof of your legal right to work in the country of placement.  If you are interested in learning more about paid work placement opportunities in Europe please contact as below:

For European placements please send a CV and a short covering email to:

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