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BBC Looking For People To Join The Big Debate: Living Longer


The Big Debate: Living Longer, BBC1 Scotland will be on March 22. Not so very long ago people did not expect to live much beyond their three score years and ten. These days many of us can expect to live well into our eighties and beyond, enjoying active lives in retirement for many years. But what are the consequences of living longer? The spiralling cost of care dominates the political agenda. Who should foot the bill? Affordable pension schemes which provide a comfortable retirement are dying out and our demographic time bomb means there will be fewer taxpayers funding the services needed by ever increasing numbers of older people. Job security, affordable housing and free higher education are all beginning to look like long lost luxuries. Are the baby boomers having it all at the expense of the next generations? And how should we be planning for the future? Senior politicians from the four main parties will be answering your questions on The Big Debate: Living Longer on BBC1 Scotland on March 22.

The programme will be recorded in mid march at BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay studios. The BBC are looking for people to join the debate as part of the studio audience. The programme’s format will be similair to Question Time so there will be opportunities for some members of the audience to put a question directly to the panel. If you have a question you’d like to put to them or if you think you might like to be in the audience please Email: or contact Storm Huntley on 0141 422 6180.

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