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What do Graduates do? Scotland


If you are trying to choose a university course, or if you are already a higher education student, you will want to know what your prospects are when you graduate.

The What do graduates do? Scotland website tells you what happened to leavers from Scottish higher education institutions six months after graduation. Although this snapshot is taken very early in their careers, it shows how career paths vary according to students’ choice of degree subjects. You will see that graduates are not confined to occupations directly related to their degree subject. They can branch out into the many jobs open to graduates of any discipline, using transferable skills gained through their studies and other experience.

This information can be useful to those considering a higher education course, those currently at university, teachers or advisers offering careers guidance, and to parents who wish to help their child with choices about the future.

What can you find here?

  • Reports to find out what graduates with your degree are doing now.
  • Report definitions tell you how the statistics were gathered – and what they can and cannot tell you.
  • Articles and answers to FAQs tell you how to improve your employability, explore the Scottish labour market and use your university careers service to good effect.
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